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Catherine Martineau Was Panelist in Section 101 Presentation

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Catherine Martineau served as a panelist at a USPTO presentation on Section 101 and Alice v. CLS Bank at the UT College of Law. Catherine was joined on the panel by Ram Shukla, Regional Manager of the USPTO, Detroit Satellite Office, who also moderated the presentation, Matt Sked, a representative from the Office of Patent Legal Administration, and Llew Gibbons, intellectual property law professor at UT Law.

35 U.S.C. 101 of the U.S. patent law defines the subject matter of inventions that are eligible for patents. The case law in this area has seen a great deal of change and attention in recent years. Perhaps the most impactful U.S. Supreme Court patent decision of last term was Alice v. CLS Bank, which dealt with subject matter eligibility.

The presentation was part of a Midwest tour of lectures supported by the Detroit Office of the USPTO. The Toledo Intellectual Property Law Association and the Toledo Bar Association promoted the event, and Jim Duggan helped to organize and advertise it.