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MST Hosted Student Interns Participating in the Law and Leadership Institute Program

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From July 18-21, MacMillan, Sobanski and Todd was pleased to host two student interns participating in the Law and Leadership Institute program. The interns were 10th grade students from St. Ursula Academy and Start High School. The interns said they were excited to learn more about the work of lawyers.

The Law and Leadership Institute is an Ohio program that is intended to prepare high school students for profession success through a four-year program in analytical thinking, problem solving and professionalism. You can read more about the program at their website:

The interns were given an overview of intellectual property law, and had some hands-on experience with patent searching, patent claims review, and infringement analysis.

Jonathan Sandys set up and coordinated the program at MST. Other attorneys talked with the interns about their experiences in the practice of law and shared lunch with the interns. Some of the attorneys participating included: Ted Gillespie, Catherine Martineau, Jim Duggan, Fred Charpie, Bob Leonardi and Carrie Johnson.

All those involved enjoyed the internship experience.